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Smiltur norske guider i Spania
Scandinavian tour guides in Spain

Guías escandinavos en España

Our Bio

Professional tour guides since 2006

Liv Grethe Scandinavian tour guide
Kjartan Scandinavian tour gude

We really do love meeting people from Scandinavia, and show them one of the most interesting countries in the world, our beloved Spain. It all started after our two years in Spain, in 2006, when we started to guide people arround in Valencia region. The clients stayed  in a Norwegian treatment center and we both enjoyed it so much and learned a lot about the history and culture of Spain. We make it our mission to provide memorable tours and experiences for our clients. After running a Norwegian magazin about Spain and made hundreds of articles, we decided to become professional Tour Guides in 2006 and haven’t regreted doing that since!

When we`re not busy guiding, we spend time researching and exploring new options to help keep our tours fresh, interesting and relevant - which means returning clients will discover something new every time they tour with us. We are also very active nature-, hiking- and pilgrims people that explores the land a lot on our feets walking. There are still a lot to learn about Spain and new areas to visit and develop for future guests, so we spend several weeks travelling in the country every year. We have a number of autorized guides that helps us out in requiered areas.


Take a look at what we offer and get in touch if you would like to work with us.

We can’t wait to show you Spain as we see it.

Liv Grethe and Kjartan Solvang-Nielsen

Liv Grethe and Kjartan tour guides

     Our work philosophy

Knowledge, empathy and communication

You don't become a specialist just by living in Spain. You don't make a good guide either, even if you have all the knowledge in the world. You have to be curious and respectful, embrace learning, talk to people and try to understand how things are connected. You must have a genuine approach to history and culture and be willing to spend hour after hour researching in books and online.

Together with our three children, we moved to Spain in 2004. We wanted to integrate into Spanish everyday life and the children started in Spanish schools. After a couple of years of searching, we established a magazine and also started guided tours. Gradually we sold out of the magazine and continued only with guided tours. Since 2006, countless articles have been written and we have spent all our free time acquiring new knowledge by traveling around this beautiful country.

We have customers in three of the country's regions, Valencia, Murcia and Andalucia. We have a good network of partners in the form of bus companies, restaurants, museums and other guides and more.

With a background from the stage, both as pastors and amateur actors, we have a separate focus on conveying what we want to tell and show. We want our guests to feel seen and experience that we are genuinely present.

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